Social Injustice of South Africa

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Economic Problem-Social Injustice- Social Injustice in South Africa

Social Injustice in South Africa
By: Larasita G. Winoto 1106023966

Social injustice can happen anywhere, in both developed and underdeveloped countries. Social Injustice has been a major economic problem because it could affect the economic development of a country in the way that social injustice tends to root within the system and considered to be incurable. One of the countries that have been suffering from incurable social injustice is South Africa. The condition in South Africa has basically caused by several factors; such as colonialization, apartheid and civil war.

Colonialization has been considered as the first and the main cause of social injustice in the way that colonialization took charge of the national system and triggered the other causes of social injustice, which are apartheid and civil war. It extracted natural resources in South Africa only for the colonialist so that there aren’t much left for the locals. It also created a social cast that differs the Caucasians or the colonialist and the locals and began apartheid. Colonialization also forced the local to work with minimum wages, even creates slavery, thus made conflicts between locals and triggered civil war.

Apartheid as the second cause has initiated social injustice in South Africa by separating habitants into layers based on their race, which are visible from the skin tones. The Caucasians, or lighter-skin-tones, tend to get more privileges than the locals that have noticeably darker skin tones. They have a bigger right in getting better education, health care, and also in accessing leisure. The social cast that had been around has caused preferences in the job search in which more jobs are available for Caucasians. The selectiveness of the companies and organizations has created a high number of unemployment among the locals while the Caucasians enjoys the opportunities to get job easily.

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