Social Injustice Hero

Topics: Parenthetical referencing, Rhetoric, Hero Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Argumentative Research Paper

I. Topic Selection/the Search for Information:

1. Social Issue/Social Injustice Topic:______________________________________________________________________ 2. Hero: _______________________________________________________ 3. You should be able to answer how this individual is depicted as a “hero” working for justice on his/her particular social issue. What qualities does this individual have that make him/her a hero? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How has or is this person acting courageously in the face of suffering, sacrifice, or risk? EXPLAIN. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

II. Take Notes:



III. Paper Structure:
1. Write a 4 page (minimum) research-based argument essay in which you follow correct MLA style formatting. 2. The paper will focus on the “hero” of your choice. (Using previous notes/directions for selection process.) 3. In this essay, you will persuade your reader that an individual of your choosing displays at least three characteristics you find to be heroic, thus enabling him/her to be considered a “modern day hero.” (Ideally, at least one of these characteristics may be a characteristic of an epic hero.) 4. Contain a solidly worded claim/thesis- See Notes

5. Have at least three credible sources
6. Follow MLA formatting such as:
In-text citations (parenthetical notation) & Works Cited Page Typed, Double-spaced...
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