Social Influences on Behavior

Topics: Social psychology, Human behavior, Sociology Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Social Influences on Behavior Paper
Week-Five Assignment Paper
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PSY300 General Psychology

Human interaction is a type of action that occurs as two or more human beings have an effect upon one another. Individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior. Simply, we adapt to our surroundings. Every situation and setting requires a different set of mannerisms. For example, people act differently at work then when they're with friends. Work is often a lot more strict and proper and to maintain those expectations, one must carefully consider what they say and what they do. But on the other hand, being with friends is a much more casual thing--you can talk about pretty much anything in whatever manner you want to. Human behavior tends to change based on social situations. This is especially when the unexpected occurs; we analyze and discuss why people act as they do. In everyday life we do the same .Does his warmth reflect romantic interest in me, or is that how he relates to everyone? Does his absenteeism signify laziness or an oppressive work atmosphere? Social Influences on Behavior This essay examines basic concepts of human interaction from a psychology perspective. In this examination, two examples of how human behavior changes based on social situation are described. Behavior is contagious. One person giggles, coughs, or yawns, and others in the group are soon doing the same. A cluster of people stands gazing upward, and passersby pause to do likewise. Laughter, even canned laughter, can be infectious. Bartenders and street musicians know to ``seed ' their tip cups with money that suggests that others have given. This suggestibility is a subtle type of conformity .Conformity involves adjusting our thinking and behavior to bring it into line with some group standard. But why do people comply with this social influence? Why do we clap when others clap, eat as others eat, believe what others...
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