social inequlity

Topics: Gender, Sociology, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Sex and gender also is a reason for social inequality occurring. Sex We live in a world that is culturally diverse. Gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity are just some of the diverse areas in society that are believed to be important. In spite of these differences, we tend to centre ourselves round people who we can relate to in somewhat and those who are similar to us, if that being people who are the same status, share physical or biological traits or even have the same or similar lifestyle to us. Due to all this, it’s in our human nature to be ethnocentric towards people who are different from us. This causes discrimination, which in time causes social inequality, something that is becoming very common in our society today.

One of the noticeable areas of discrimination is race. Race refers to the biological characteristics of one; skin colour, hair/ eye colour, height etc. Related to race is ethnicity, which relates to the cultural factor such as nationality, ancestry, language, beliefs and culture. Both race and ethnicity can cause a big controversy all around the world, the controversy being racism. Focusing on Australia, the nation is known for their warm welcoming to different races and ethnicities. Many people believe that Australia being so open to different cultures etc. is a wonderful thing they tend to miss out on the racism that occurs. As with America, Australia represents a large percentage of racism towards different races all across. For instance; Indigenous people of Australia. These people are known to be the first people on Australian land, it’s their land, so why all the hate towards them. Many indigenous are very disadvanged as they live in poor remote areas of all parts of Australia, when they are seen by “white people”, they don’t have a bad word to say, but as soon as the “white person” glances at them, racial abuse is just heard. Indigenous sport players have encountered some on ground racism throughout matches, 1993 saw St Kilda’s Nicky...
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