Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States SOC/120 Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States

Topics: United States, Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage Pages: 4 (1667 words) Published: February 4, 2014
Cindy Harrington
Ms. Jocelyn
Inequality in the United States
Kenji Yoshino argues in his essay covering: The hidden assault on our civil rights “Civil rights has always been to permit people to pursue the human flourishing without limitation based on bias Focusing on law prevents us from seeing the revolutionary breadth of that aspiration, as law has limited civil rights to particular groups.”(235). Kenji Yoshino has a great point, what still exist in our structural and economical world is inequality among different, gender, races, discrimination of race and culture and all other areas of society. This is important because to what extend are the lawmakers going to get involved. If lawmakers are going to keep ignoring their constituents than they’re not helping fight social inequality. Lawmakers are ignoring the actually needs and wants of their constituents. My values and beliefs for this topic came from living here the United States. Growing up here for almost nine years have made me realize that they are some inequality issues that are still a problem and that are being ignore by the lawmaker for example gay marriage not all fifty states are allowing gay marriage to be legalized once and for all. I decided to take a class during my senior year of high school to learn more about social inequality. I decided to take American studies and Ethnic and minorities class. In my ethnic and minorities class I learned a lot about inequalities issues and what exactly was going on in the United States. In my American studies we discussed inequality events that occurred In American a long time ago. I learned about gay marriage, disability rights, women rights, African American rights the list goes on. Slowly I started to realize how unfair the system was and has been. Ever since I Took those two classes my perspective in inequality issues has grown. The lawmakers are not pushing the system to change. The lawmakers are not doing anything to help fight...
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