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Topics: Discrimination, Prejudice, Racism Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: October 6, 2013

Sociological reasons for discrimination
Angela O’Bryant, student
Social Problems, Soc 220-O101

Discrimination in American society has existed for as long as America has. It is not as easily recognized now as it once was but when discovered each occurrence is a major reminder of America’s history of discriminating against its citizens and unfortunately it will continue to exist. Discrimination encompasses attitudes and behaviors of prejudice, stereotyping, and racism. It is based on various specifications as well. Any of these are displayed against an individual or group of people that may share similar aspects. These can be based on age, gender, sex, religion, race, marital status and many other labels. It is in every facet of American life. It can be disparate or differential. And in many states; dependent upon what specifics were conducted, very illegal to be discriminate. People aren’t born with the ability to discriminate. Kids are not born with discriminatory mentalities; the ability to discriminate is taught to them. It is something that they learn from their parents and teachers as well as any influential person they know. Even though discrimination is still very present in society today it is more monitored legally to prevent expensive problems. Because discrimination affects the way people behave toward one another there are now laws in place to prevent discrimination and give victims protective options should it happen anyway. This extends into the work place, for example discrimination affect if a person gets hired for a new job or experiences discrimination in the work place as an employee. Society struggles to avoid stereotyping an individual or group of individuals. But when actions are conducted based on those stereotypes it becomes prejudice. This can become very dangerous because unequal treatment emphasize negative emotions. Prejudice is a form of discrimination. By...

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