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Social Gatherings

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Reunion is one of the forms of a social gathering. This is the time when one gets to take a little time out of his busy schedule and meet up with the rest of the family. They eat together; adults talk about their businesses and teeners usually catch up on the latest gossip. In other words, having reunion bonds the whole family together"¦doesn't it.

Yesterday, I attended an event, a reunion. It was rather a peculiar reunion. The moment I stepped in, I can sense a very strong tension from each of the person inside the room. They were doing their own things. There was this girl texting, not even, giving us a glimpse of her face. Some were trying to put up a conversation, but it was not spontaneous. The others"¦well, they were either listening or daydreaming. Lunch was served and everyone ate a lot. This was the most fun part because since everyone was enjoying the scrumptious food, the tension somewhat died down. After eating, back to scene one.

When I was observing the scenario, it got me thinking. Why do they act like that, and if they don't enjoy reunions, why do they still go, in fact, why do they still have it? The only way to find out was to talk to them.

After talking to them, this is what I found out. Turns out to be they had the reunion because it was their grandma's birthday. The families are not close with each other, in fact, they don't even talk that much with the family. Some of the young ones are not in good terms. Some of them just ignore each other. The adults are not united too. There are a lot more reasons but most important of all, the only reason why they go because it was compulsory. Everyone must attend grandma's birthday. With that, we can say that the people are responsible for the environment of a gathering. It is their feelings, their actions, and their culture or tradition that shapes a social gathering.

Social gatherings are vital, especially here in our country. People are related with one another so they have to have these gatherings to serve as their ropes to bind them together. Reunion is one of them. However, nowadays, these reunions are not considered very important by the people. It became so routinary that they think that it's just part of their system. They never took time to think about its importance. This is the reason why social gatherings are not able to do its primary role. In conclusion, social gatherings bonds, but only the people make it possible for it to do its task.

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