Social Exclusion Have a Negative Impact on the Health of Transgender

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Transgender is a general term applied to a variety of
individuals, behaviors and groups involving tendencies to
vary from culturally conventional gender roles. Male to
female and female to male are the two gender identities
which have been widely noted in the transgender literature.
The study aims at unraveling the nutritional status of the
selected transgenders. One hundred and twenty transgenders
from the age group of 20-70 years were selected from the
locale by using convenience sampling method. A detailed
interview schedule was used to collect their demographic
profile, lifestyle patterns, psychological aspects and
assessment of nutritional status by adopting standardized
procedure. Statistical analysis was applied to find the
significance of their nutritional status based on the type of their type of activity. Transgender face more psychological
problems and social exclusion is one of the most important
one. Social exclusion is the failure of the society to provide certain individuals and groups with those rights and benefits normally available to its members such as employment,
adequate housing, health care, education, training etc. they face exclusion starting from their family member's to the
problems faced within their own community. Emotional
changes have an impact on the food consumption pattern and
hence they lack nutrients subjected to rejection, racism and lack of medical health care.
Transgender designate a person whose identity
does not conform unambiguously to conventional nations of
male or female gender roles but combines or moves between
9). People who were assigned a sex usually at birth and based on their genitals but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves (USI LGBT campaign, 2007).
MTF and FTM are the two gender identities which have been
widely noted in the transgender literature (Xavier, 2000).
Transgender is a relatively rare condition, but is increasingly encountered in our modern society. In the world, the
transgenders are estimated to be six hundred crores. There
are roughly one million Hijra in India, representing
approximately one in every four hundred post pubertal
persons born male. The transgender population in Tamil
Nadu would be roughly about sixty thousands. Transgender
people are likely to experience some form of victimization as a result of his/her identity or gender expression. They face a unique set of emotional health issues. Both social exclusion and discrimination have a negative impact on the health of

these individuals (Lee, 2000). The prevalence of mental
health problems and other co-occurring health issues in the
transgender community reaches near epidemic levels. Due to
a complex network of socio-economic and cultural forces,
the transgender community is highly vulnerable to a host of
psychological problems including depression, bipolar
affective disorders, post traumatic stress disorders (PT&D), alienation and suicidality in addition to multiple health
problems including drug and alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS &
STD. This distress is referred to as a gender dysphoria and
may manifest as depression or inability to work and form
healthy relationships with others. A psychological condition is considered a mental disorder only if it causes distress and disability. Gender dysphoria is a diagnosis recognized by the American Psychiatric Association of severe distress and

discomfort caused by the conflict between one's gender
identity and one's sex at birth (Brown and Rounsley, 1996).
Family members and friends are not able to understand or
accommodate the transition process resulting in the ending
up at times (Pfafflin and Jung, 2003). With this back drop, the present study was undertaken with the following objectives
1.Study the socio economic status of the selected
transgenders people.
2.Unraveling the impact of social...

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