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Commentary on Social Etiquette
Nowadays, the 21st century, uncivilized violence isn’t the way to dominate the world or other human beings. We aren’t barbarians but we are some civilized people. In order to gain others respect, we should not only have a tidy image but we should also follow some important social etiquette, which are surely useful and valuable. Etiquette is not just for dinner parties or impressing your future in-laws. It can be used in a lot of different area including greeting, gift giving or even negotiating. It is heard that “Do in Rome as Rome does.” Different country would have different local etiquette. On arrival in a new place, we have to learn about their local customs. It may even more emphasize in the Chinese society because of its long historical and cultural deposit. There are some special manners for the Chinese. Do not call anyone by his first name, unless you are on familiar terms, like close friend. It will be treated as impolite action. If you are invited for any kind of visiting, small gifts like wine, tea, cigarettes or candies are kindly welcomed. Besides, following some good etiquette can also give a great help when we are having some business greeting. Good business etiquette can directly affect the way people perceive us and influence whether or not they want to give you their business. It is of crucial importance to build kind relationship with the one that you may employ to act as intermediaries. No one will hate emblazonment. So, don’t be shy to praise people. Last but not least, cultivate good business manners is clearly not a difficult thing for we to attempt. If we follow these, it is believed that we can achieve success more smoothly and easily.

Business, Etiquette and Social Media
By Lauren Simonds Aug. 13, 2013
Etiquette—it’s not just for dinner parties or impressing your future in-laws. These tips can help avoid gaffes and build business success in the social media age. Today’s discussion, gentle readers, pertains to etiquette. That’s right, you heard me. In the rush of signing the deal, building the business and putting out the fires, manners still matter. Good business etiquette, and particularly its absence, can directly affect the way people perceive you—and influence whether or not they want to give you their business. In an article on Small Business Computing, Pedro Hernandez discusses several tips from “The Essentials of Business Etiquette,” by Barbara Pachter. While most small business owners understand that a poised, professional demeanor goes a long way to making a good impression, in the era of smartphones, social media and always-on communication, that alone isn’t enough. The good news is that it’s not difficult to cultivate good business manners. If you don’t already do so, incorporate these simple tips into your business routine. (MORE: Take Your Business to the Next Level)

Think Before You Post
The Internet never forgets, and one tweet in the heat of the moment can go viral, which only magnifies the damage. Employ good judgment and make it a point to reply only after you’ve taken time to think things through. And don’t even think about publicly venting your frustration about a client or customer. You can lose a lot of business from one misguided tweet. Picture Perfect

Include a profile picture for each social media platform that you use. This advice may seem basic and obvious, but too many small business owners miss this step. Use a professional headshot, dress appropriately for your industry and smile. Whatever you do, don’t leave the default icon—for example, the Twitter egg—it’s unprofessional and sends the message that you can’t be bothered with details. People Trump Phones

When you’re meeting with a client or customer, attending a dinner or other business function, put your phone away and out of sight. Leaving it on the table impresses no one, and instead sends a message that the people you’re with...
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