Social-Emotional Skills

Topics: Emotion, Learning, Culture Pages: 4 (1596 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Social-emotional skills are taught in a variety of environments including home and school. Both academic and social-emotional learning is important to a child’s development. This development is considered a part of the socialization process. This essay will cover skills or personal capabilities that play a role in positive social development. In addition to, qualities of a family and classroom environment that may inhibit or add to the growth of the skills or capabilities I will provide. There are three skills that contribute to a positive social development in a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Students are expected to possess a wide array of skills in their emotional arsenal by the time they reach adulthood. Some important capabilities that they must have in order to be a successful adult are the ability to: show empathy, appreciate diversity, negotiate fairly, seek help, and set and plan goals (Elias, 2003). For an individual to be able to show empathy throughout life as a means to connect with other people is considered to be important. An individual who isn’t able to understand somebody else’s feelings would not be considered as an appropriate friend or a confidence. In an increasingly connected and diverse world, it is crucial that students be able to appreciate diversity. It is no longer socially acceptable for anyone to be intolerant of other cultures, ethnicities, genders, or sexualities. In many cases it is even illegal for people to act in a prejudicial manner, such as in hiring practices or housing regulations. An appreciation of diversity allows a person to be influenced by a variety of people. This allows for the freer transmission of music, foods, thoughts, and friendships across cultural boundaries. Appreciation for diversity has given many American school children a love of pizza, Chinese food, Reggae music, Hip Hop music, and countless other enjoyments that were derived from sources outside their own cultural influences....
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