Social Disorganization Question and Answer

Topics: Poverty, Criminology, Organized crime Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Social Disorganization- Question-and-Answer
Sergio Vidal-Echeverria
February 12, 2012
Patrick L. Cote

Social disorganization- Question-and-Answer
This paper is a question and answer session about social disorganization. I will be answering four points about the definition of social disorganization, the relation to organized crime, and its evolution. In addition, I will explain how ell social disorganization fits the criteria for organized crime and it associated relationships. Last, I will explain the correlation of corrupt political politicians and how social disorganization has enveloped in the development of organized crime. What is Social Disorganization?

The social disorganization theory attributes crime and delinquency to communities in which family structure, churches, lack of enforcement from police, probation, and community activists. Schools also play a role in that there is a lack of after-school programs, outreach programs to address the issues of truancy, and juveniles as young as eight are induced and tempted to enter in a gang and therefore the criminal behavior begins to happen.

There are also some researchers that state that inner-city crime is attributable to relative deprivation. The definition of relative deprivation is when youths live within close proximity to a neighborhood that others live in the comfort of upper-class status, and in turn it is the hope and wishes that these youths aspire to live that way some day. The morale of some of these individuals became disillusioned because the reality sets in that he or she will never get out of the neighborhood that is comprised of poverty, crime, and lack of jobs for him or her. Another theory is the Bell’s Queer Ladder of Mobility Theory. Bell’s thinking was that Italians had a harder way of achieving wealth, power, and political influence. (Lyman, Potter, 2007.)

Several generations of Italian immigrants learned that there was a way out of living in the slums and...
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