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Social Development Reflection

By jennybragg12 Dec 03, 2013 347 Words
When you are a teacher it is very important that you that you say in tune with your students. Having the ability to relate to them at each stage of social development, as a teacher you should know each stage of social development, and the specifics keys to each of those stages. This could play a major role in how you teach, will interact with each of your students. Knowing the stage of social development has a major impact on how a teacher teaches. First stage is children from pre-school to second grade. At this stage children tend to be very hyper and as a teacher you should have activities to funnel the student’s energy, as well young children learns faster and better when they are able to be more physical. Second you have children from grade three to five at this time they are starting to realize that every child is important just like they are. At the stage I feel it is important to have group project because it help the students in their social and academic demands. Students really respond to rewards when they get the correct answer, so teacher need to think of this when teaching students at this age level. Thread stage grades six to eighth. This age is when children are in their testing stage questioning their self with “what if” for instance; what if I don’t do my homework? This is a hard stage for teachers they have the hardest time and most challenging time trying to explaining who, what, where, why, and how’s. Last we have the high school students. At this age they understand the society and other people as a whole. When teaching high school students it can also be challenging it is important to it right, engage the students and also challenge them. Each of these stages of social development is very important when becoming a teacher. Being able to understand each stage I feel will make you become a better teacher.

Ormond, Jeanne. Ellis, (2014). Educational psychology: Developing learners. (Eighth Edition, Chapter,3).

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