Social Development in Adulthood

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Find a credible article in the University Library related to issues of social development in adulthood. Write a summary of the article using at least 400 words in which you do the following: · Explain why you chose this topic and article.

· If you had to write a research paper on this topic, would you use the article you selected? Explain why or why not. Submit a copy of your article selection, along with your summary as a Microsoft® Word attachment to your Assignment Section.

The article I found in the university library is called Long-Term Effects of Social Investment: The Case Of Partnering in Young Adulthood. The article is an in depth research article on the social development of adults aging between 20 to 30 years of age. The summary in the library was the best match for the topic of adult social development.

The thesis of the article is demonstrating long-term effects of social interactions on adults and the impact it has on people. The article starts with studies done by other researchers and does a great job of citing the source material. The study goes into further detail by focusing on individual traits over an 8 year period and charting those traits for review. The researchers include in the traits from late adolescence to adult hood to illustrate a broader view. The research then moves to focus on personality development across adult hood. The research focus on the influences relationships have on adult personality development, especially intimate relationships. Thereafter, the study enters details on the methods in which the research was conducted and how the information was gathered. The research method was well documented and seems to have been conducted in the proper fashion for accurately gathering statistics from a dynamic group. The tables listed display information that is appropriate and relevant. The researchers were able to also identify four transition groups over the course of the study which helped to create...
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