Social Customer Relationship Management

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Major companies have started using social customer relationship management (SCRM) as a way to improve their marketing campaigns. One company in particular that has utilized this is Starbucks. The global coffee house chain has used Facebook and Twitter as their primary resources for SCRM. The Starbucks Facebook page has over 32 million fans and keeps growing every day. According to the article “Social CRM as a Business Strategy,” a brand’s 1 million fans generate about $300,000 in media value each month, while the company’s Twitter page has just below 3 million. That means Starbucks has over $9,600,000 in media value each month just from a free Facebook and Twitter page! On these social networking sites, Starbucks gives out coupons, post pictures of the different places people enjoy their coffee, and also advertises new products. Starbucks gives away many coupons and special offers on their Facebook page. For example, they advertised that if you participated in this limited time offer, you would get a $10 Starbucks gift card for only $5, just for being their friend on Facebook. Whenever one customer likes this deal it then shows up on a person’s “newsfeed” and give others the opportunity to see it. This gives customers the incentive to like their page so that they can participate in future deals. Starbucks also uses Facebook and Twitter to have a sense of community over the web. They do this by posting pictures that customers have sent in of places where they enjoy their Starbucks coffee such as the carnival, school, the football field, etc. On Twitter, Starbucks will “retweet” customers who have made a comment about their favorite product or who have posted pictures of them enjoying a Starbucks beverage. This shows other customers that Starbucks is consumed by the average person and implies that the every day person can drink Starbucks. It also shows that Starbucks has locations in a variety of places.

The final way that Starbucks uses social networks to...
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