Social Constructivism Discussion

Topics: Constructivist epistemology, Family therapy, Psychotherapy Pages: 3 (362 words) Published: April 3, 2015
Social Constructivism Discussion
Tabitha Fish
Northcentral University

Social Constructivism Discussion

Five key presuppositions of social constructionism
A person’s lived reality is relationally constructed. Each person will have their own perception based on their environment, family, social status, gender, etc. No two people will see life the same Identity and personal symptoms are related to social systems they are surrounded by. Meanings given to the objects, feelings, things of importance, etc. is a group effort. We do not come up with those meanings alone. Changing ones language and description alters how it is experienced. We are influenced by what is in our circle of people and environment. Going to another town or country, we could potentially have conflict by the way we act or behave, if that cultures opinions or perspectives were different. Changing the way one looks at something alters the way they think of it. Truth is determined within relational contexts. Truths for an individual is effected and influenced by others that share the same ‘truths’. If others who be believe differently surround us, their truths could conflict with ours.

How do these presuppositions apply to marriage and family therapy?

These presuppositions apply to marriage and family therapy in the sense that they give people a freedom to give whatever meaning to the things in their life. Therapists ‘roles are heightened to help their clients form experiences so interventions can be utilized in a more helpful way.

What do you find very clear and compelling in the ideas of social constructionism?

What I find most compelling about social constructivism is the importance of therapy being centered on the client’s perception of life experiences and problems.

What do you find confusing in the ideas of social constructionism?

I think I understand the ideals of social constructionism. So right now, there is nothing too confusing....

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