Social Conflict

Topics: Feminism, Police, Use of force Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Social Conflict: Feminist Criminology Theory
Social conflict theory plays a constructive part in encouraging groups to discover mutual ground, arrange alliances, define essential values, detect variances in viewpoint, set group margins, and inform strategies for achieving desired change. Schmallager states that the social conflict theory can never be fully resolved but can comply with the rules established by those in power (p146). Feminist Criminology does a great job at relating to this conflict theory. Feminism today is generally concerned with the victimization of women, gender inequalities in the legal system, and discriminations in the work force. A perfect example of feminism discrimination in the work force would be the recent movement in the Corpus Christi Police Department. The expectations in the endurance testing have set most women up for failure. As a result of that there was a need for woman in law enforcement in this area. Although the new police chief has enacted a plan to ensure that the process gets realigned; there will be inequalities for woman regardless of what changes are made. This has continually been a problem in many police departments and military divisions across the United States. Recently the military was also debating on allowing woman to be pilots. As long as women are barred from any military job, there will be limited justice for them in the military. Currently women are banned from officially serving in ground combat jobs, including infantry roles. The services the women do in the military depend upon the capabilities of women. Liberal feminist groups around the US have continued to rally for those rights. One day men and women will serve alongside each other in combat or they will get equal rights to a just and fair endurance test so they can join the police force. A female infantry officer will give orders to male sergeants that in turn direct their squads. Or their will be equality in the police force. They will be...
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