Social Class in Madame Bovary

Topics: Middle class, Bourgeoisie, Working class Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: September 11, 2010
During the 19th century, France was experiencing and suffering from a huge social disturbance. As a result, new social group was rising which was the bourgeoisie (middle class). These people got their chance thought commercials and events instead of inheritance. They were described by the word materialism. Gustave Flaubert's book, Madame Bovary, he wrote about how good, simple, innocent and naïve these people are. He also used the book to grab the people's attention to the poorness of this class. It also shows the effect of social classes on a person. A good example of that will be Emma Bovary. The poor life of the middle caused her fall. This was because she always wanted a higher status, wealth, love and happiness. She saw everything in a different view. This things lead to her affairs and beings in debt and finally killing herself. Additionally, Emma is one of the intelligent characters in the book. Her capacity of imagination is great. She is very attentive to the outside details. She is attracted to how people are dressed and how they look but she doesn't judge people depending on their characters or their inside. As a result of this, she is totally convinced by the people who act to be something more than what they really are. On the other hand, she hates the people who don't lie to her this is mostly because they are in her same social class. In addition, Emma is a very simple girl but she was always obsessed and dreamed of different types of imaginative love and being rich. One of the good examples that support that was when Charles took her to the ball. She considered it a chance to show everyone how sophisticated she is. The food served there was extremely expensive but wasn't expensive for the people who were there because they were from the top class. While eating, Emma "noticed that several of the ladies had not put their gloves inside their glasses" (45). It was habitual for middle class women to put their gloves in their wine glass to point out...
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