Social Class in Australia

Topics: Australia, Immigration, White Australia policy Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Journal and reflection

Target group
Migrants who came to Australia during the white Australian policy. WHITE AUSTRALIAN POLICY
The Immigration Restriction Act 1901 was the result of the widely accepted view that the Australian population should remain a “white society”. This is one of the first Acts of the National parliament following Federation.( These beliefs came mainly from British white-settlers dating back as far as 1788 who formed racist beliefs about Aboriginal people. The immigration Act received a lot of support in the latter half of the 19th century when non-white labour was being used for work. In the goldfields it was the Chinese, on the sugarcane plantations’ it was the Kanakas and the deep sea diving was done by the Japanese. This bought about attitudes of British superiority, to ignite this attitude it was spread through literature which in turn was read to children at school. Restricted immigration policy was in full swing in Australia from 1901 The policy also restricted the rights and freedoms of non-whites within Australia including Aboriginal people. The policy favoured applicants from certain countries; (Mainly from Britain) this however meant that Australia would not let in all migrants from different countries, especially if you were not European looking. Hence no Asians, the main reason was FEAR, fear for loss of jobs. Chinese were far more industrious than Australians of the time and very hard working. This was especially true during the gold rush era, Chinese came and made their fortune, and majority took their fortune back to their own country.

Some Chinese stayed and set up businesses in town, however were considered a lower class, and frowned upon. For most Chinese the risks outweighed a longing for prosperity and for some a better life. Post war immigration was also a time where Australia was receiving large amounts of immigrants. These Europeans were committed to family...

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