Social Class Between U.S and Korea

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Social mobility Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The Social Classes in USA and Korea
Social stratification is entire groups of people who have similar fortunes, occupations or social position. Also it could be similar family background and their own values. There are two types of class stratification which are open stratification and closed stratification. There is social mobility can occur for open stratification. However, class stratification is not possible to do social mobility because it is based on ascribed status. Social mobility is a movement of social position changed by economically and socially. Many Americans say that there is no class differences in the United State, yet it is not true. The United States’ social class can be divided into largely three parts which are upper-class, middle-class and lower-class. There are huge gaps between those classes. The population of upper-class is less than middle-class and lower-class, however those upper-class leads the United States’ economic stable. The upper-class views the money differently because they have a lot of money. A small amount of money may seem like a lit to someone who is in the lower-class. For example, Bill Gates is a person who makes around $300 per second. Most of upper-classes are based on the families like The Kennedys, The Hiltons and The Rockefellers. Their lifestyle is completely different from the lower-class. Even though these days, people who are in the lower class can try to go upward in their social mobility by hard working, their chances are very limited. Many immigrants believe the ‘American Dream’, which is based on the people’s ability and effort they put in. The key point is money. Anyone can live in a pleasant house in a good area of town and send their children to a top university if they have enough money. Korea’s social stratification is very similar to the United States’ social stratification. Before 1960’s, Korea’s class system was like The Caste in India which it closed stratification. If you were born in...
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