Social Class

Topics: Fairy tale, Bruno Bettelheim, Folklore Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Byon Chin
Professor Caruso
Writing 106
October 12, 2012.

A child’s imagination runs wild when they are young. They want to be an astronaut, a police officer, a fire fighter, etc. They want to be all these things all at once just because they probably heard a fairytale story or seen an animated show about them. So they would start to pretend and act like they are these people. I think parents should allow their child to express their imagination. This will build their creativity and expand their career choices. This will lead children down the right path and allow them to know right from wrong at a young age. For example, the author, Bruno Bettelheim, wrote in paragraph 2 in the story, The Child’s Need for Magic that “fairy tales proceeds in a manner which conforms to the way a child thins and experiences the world. A child can gain much better solace from a fairy tale than he can from an effort to comfort him based on adult reasoning and viewpoints. A child trusts what the fairy story tells because its world view accords with his own.” All the stories will be true to a child because their thinking is animistic.

Another thing kids will believe in is magic. For example, the tooth fairy, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and other things of that sort. There’s a saying that if you believe in it hard enough it will start to become true. If you tell a child about these made up characters they would believe in it because they would want a man bringing them presents every Christmas and a fairy giving them money for their teeth when they fall out because “only a story conforming to the principles underlying our thought processes carries conviction for us,” says Bruno Bettelheim. As a child I don’t think we were worrying about being creative we were just worried about the animated world and hoping the real world was like it. Maybe as you get older you’ll start worrying about being creative but as a child you just want things you hear in fairytale stories and see in...
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