Social Care Essay

Topics: Sociology, Social justice, Social work Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: March 13, 2015
I am presenting this essay as an insight to how values and principles influence practice in a Social Care setting. The source of each individuals values stem from primary socialisation. I, myself have been influenced by my parents values and their endeavour to make choices for me and my siblings within a family setting. Those particular values I practiced and developed into my adult life leading to fundamental approaches which I have carried through, with some adaptations along the way influenced by other institutional practices (education, church). That in mind, I can say that my core values and principles have shaped my approach to life. How I expressed myself as a pupil at school through respecting and working alongside fellow pupils and teachers with a non-judgemental attitude to others. How I mother my children with the same honest, truthful encouragement allowing values to develop. How I have honed my values to the point of expressing myself within the work place and delivering good practice within a social care environment accepting that delivering care whilst understanding the need for an individual to have personal choice, privacy and equality to name a few . This practice takes into account the necessary concepts such as equality, confidentiality, individuality and social justice. I believe I am guided by Legislation in the workplace. Working within a Framework, understanding that I need to demonstrate a commitment to deliver good practice and promote Equality and Diversity. Working within a Social Care setting is primarily offering a service to individuals that need a combination of support, care, assistance so they are able to reach their full potential. With that in mind it is necessary to formulate a competent framework that will deliver the necessary service in a committed, organised deliverance. As previously mentioned legislation guides the organisations actions and provides limitations that influence quality and provision of...

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