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Promote Communication In Health, Social Care Or Children’s and Young People’s Settings UNIT SHC31 (EDI UNIT - CU1530)
Some of the units/assessment criteria are competence based. This means that it is linked to your ability to competently perform a range of tasks connected with your work. These assessment criteria(s) will require your assessor to observe you in a real work environment and for you to demonstrate your occupational competence. In QCF, the units have been broken down into learning outcomes and under each outcomes are the assessment criteria. So, do note that where the assessment criteria indicate words such as demonstrate, show, assess or work with (etc.), and you are not expected to answer such as a question but to be observed by your assessor or work place testifier. Introduction: Promoting effective communication and relationships Effective communication in is needed in order to ensure that care improves the quality of people’s lives by addressing a range of needs. Through effective communication care workers can develop relationships with individuals in their care which will assist the caring process. People who use services: • May speak different languages • Can have hearing loss or limited vision • May find it difficult to speak • May have limited understanding These people may have difficulty communicating with care workers; this is a barrier, which needs to be overcome. Care workers need to be aware of a variety of ways of communicating with others, to ensure that clients receive the correct care and treatment that they require. LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE (ADULTS)

============================================================= LEARNING OUTCOME 1 Unit 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate: Communication is the act in which people impart or exchange information, thoughts, ideas either verbally or non verbal. Verbal communication is expressed in spoken words while non verbal communication can be through gesture, body language, facial expression and eye contact. Communication can also be made through telephone conversation, sending emails, texting, writing letter. Communication is so vital in our daily activities either personal or professional. For communication to be effective it must be a two way process that is, there must be a sender and the receiver. Also there must be a positive feedback at the end of every communication this will enable you to know whether the information is clearly understood. People communicate for diverse reasons either to make request, to portray their feelings, pain and emotions. Through communication, one is able to understand how people feel and how we can offer support accordingly. As a health care worker all communications are confidential and any information regarding client must be well recorded. This is where communication between colleagues is essential, this is to ensure a continuity of care for the client and also to ensure that all members of staff are aware of the current and specific needs of the client. Also, people communicate to maintain and promote good working relationships. In a working environment, communication is used to get point across and to ensure safety in the work environment. Communication is very important in providing support to the individual. It is through communication that health care workers will form relationship with the client or service user they support. Talking to the client on a regular basis will enable the client to build trust, confidence in the support worker and this will LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE (ADULTS)

enable the support worker to know the type of care and support needed by the client. Even reading the care plan of the individual will also provide additional information about individual you support. 1.2 Explain how...
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