Social Capital

Topics: Social capital, Immigration, Sociology Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: October 27, 2013
The limits of Social Capital: An Examination of Immigrants’ Housing Challenges in Calgary: Immigration, Social capital, housing, homelessness
Social capital as theory and policy intervention: Social capital has been credited with the ability to cure most social ills. It helps people resolve collective problems with more ease facilities development, heightens awareness of our globally interconnected fate, fosters the flow of useful information and improves people’s health and resilience and productivity. Despite the fanfare, some believes that not all social capital is “good” and can lead to less than desirable outcomes. Too much social capital for example, can result in closed ethnic communities where tight bounds became barriers to integration into mainstream. Social capital theory is of particular interest of policy makers. Dominant public discourse on social capital is based on the idea that strong participation in social networks, community organizations and sense of trust and solidarity facilitate cooperation between citizens. In turn, this reduces poverty and crime, whilst increasing political participation to allow for a better government. Research result was “governments inevitably affect patterns of social capital development. Taking into consideration the role of social (and interaction between social relationship and policies) in a more systematic way can potentially make significant difference in the achievement of policy objectives. Social capital, Immigration and Housing:

Although the struggle for adequate housing is a well-known experience of migrants throughout various historical periods, it is notable that immigrant housing outcome in Canada have been deteriorating for the past 20 years. Studies have demonstrated that since 1980 immigrants’ rate of home ownership has decreased, prior to this, immigrants high level of homeownership prompted the researchers to examine why they had more successful housing careers than Canadian –born person....
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