Social Behaviors

Topics: Reinforcement, Behaviorism, Operant conditioning Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: October 17, 2014
Social Behaviors
Shopping can be very addictive especially if you cannot afford it. Over the years, I have been known as a shop-a-holic. I shop at the mall or online for just about anything I can afford. I have purchased so many clothes, shoes, and purses until I have no room in my closet for them. My shopping habit first started as a little girl. My mother made sure I had the finest of things wherever I went. As I grew older, I became popular for the way I dressed. I can recall in high school, I was in a fashion show. I wore a brown guess shirt, blue guess jeans with patches on the front, and blue mix Bally Marina’s. My hair appeared to be cut into a long bob that landed near my shoulders. I was not very big on jewelry or makeup, so I wore a gold medallion name plate with gold hoop earrings, neutral lipstick, and earth tone eye shadow. With the judge’s final decision, I won second place titled 1989 “Best Dressed.” At the age of eighteen, I got my first job making my own money. I got approved for credit cards which made my shopping habits increased over the years. When I did not have enough money for purchases, I would just charge them to my card. As I grew older, I started going to the clubs with old friends from school that we all shared a similar shopping habit! My friends and I would get together and go to the mall just about every Thursday looking for a new outfit to wear for the weekend. Such behavior from my childhood carried over into my adulthood. My shopping routine developed into a habit that I truly enjoyed. At the end of the day, if I did not have any money, I can always reflect back at the things bought and have to show for my money spent. Over the years, I was so used to buying things I wanted, so as I grew older I tried to break my habit by saving money by bargain shopping. I would travel to Mississippi twice a month with my best friend to shop at “Dirt Cheap.” This store is considered as a discounted store with very good deals on a variety of...
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