Social Behavior

Topics: Sociology, Change, Psychology Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: October 11, 2008
Social behavior will not stay the same throughout my lifetime. Already it has changed many times. People conform to norm behavior in order to gain rewards or avoid punishment. All the mishaps and events in the world have changed social behavior. Look at what happened when the World Trade Center was destroyed, total chaos happened and that changed many lives forever and to this day still is causing social change.

Then we had the destructive hurricanes, like Katrina, which destroyed and disrupted so many lives causing again more social change to deal with all this. Social behavior will continue to change for a long time because of these things. The war in Iraq has also changed many lives forever and we will see social behavior change from the effects of war for years to come. To show how an idea could spread to other groups in a society one only need to come up with a solution on how to end the war. I am sure other groups would be willing to change their social behavior to accomplish this. Wars break down barriers between societies which bring social change like new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Three major sources of social change are discovery, diffusion and invention. People conform to norm behavior in order to gain rewards or avoid punishment.

An example of how food affects social behavior is the article on “McDonaldization of society” which shows efficiency offering the best way to get from being hungry to being satisfied. Their predictability of assuring their service will be the same over time. There are other food places that have the same effect on people for the same reasons. They get what they are expecting.

As times change so does style. When I look back into history and see how the styles have changed through the years it has been for the better. In this day and time styles are still changing due to all the different societies, religious groups and age groups. I think it has no choice but to continue changing due to all the...
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