Social Attitude Towards Portrayal of Violence in Modern Cinema

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Social attitude towards portrayal of violence in modern cinema 33006938 Section D

This research project aims to detect the social attitude towards portrayal of violence in modern cinema. Collecting the data through a survey, analyses and assessed; the research found out that public thinks of portrayal of violence in films to be out of connection with its film’s storyline in modern cinema. While sticking to social norms, the public opinion states that the richness of films content can be judged with its entertainment value in accordance to the films presentation of violence in fusion with the plot, the trend being to have frivolous use of unconnected violence in a film seems to lower a films credibility artistic credibility. Alas, the modern films should use the art of violence as a supportive tool in a film rather than drive it as the tip of the plot.

The morality and the way of depicting violence in modern cinema has perceivably become more significant to the movie experience the audience incurs. Essentially the rhythm of the audience in a movie can be manipulated through deliberate actions. While exploiting a plot inside a movie, knowing the audience’s attitude towards depiction of violence can help a film-maker make a more informed decision towards introducing or using elements in the movie such to make it mutually acceptable and enjoyable to both, the audience and the critic. While being depicted in a virtual environment, violence on motion picture can have macro effect on the society. One of the most significant effects of usage of violence in cinema is its real world consequences. The matter of concern rises with the severity of attitude towards violence in films. As McKinney (1993) states that violence has multitudinous effects on its audience with rising thrill or upraising unconscious propaganda. The social issue being the observatory nature of the effect of violence on the audience. It is also quite imperative to note how the audience makes a distinction between contexture of violence and rationality of the usage of such material, as Rutsky (1990) puts it “fun seems to result not so much from the images themselves but from a playful recombination that has little respect for either the seriousness of rationality or fascination of the other”. The dilemma not only lies in the socially appropriate level of violence in accordance to a films plot, but also its tolerance to the level of entertainment; Consequently the social issue being what level of violence is in accordance with the social norms and how could film makers comply with them without compromising a films critical integrity.

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The research question being the social attitude towards portrayal of violence in modern cinema, aims to explore the social phenomena of public opinion towards the appropriate use of violence in modern cinema and the social norms tying it up. The research mentions the ‘population sample’, them being the 20 number of candidates that responded to the questionnaire handed out :maintaining them as anonymous. While maintaing a mixture of males and females, most of respondents were aged between 18 and 25, a relatively young profile. The questionnaire maintains a mixture of qualitative and quantitative questions to receive more detailed response upon the aimed research. The hypothesis being that ‘the social consensus attitude towards modern violent cinema is too irrelevant to the content being presented to its audience while sticking to the society’s social norms.’ Findings are processed into analyzed data and described briefly. The purpose of the research being to be provide a informed conclusion.

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While the data is quite spread out, some of the qualitative answers provided a definite census agreement among the population sample. According to the research public response 70% of the population believes...
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