Social Anxiety Disorder

Topics: Fear, Abnormal psychology, Mental disorder Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: December 11, 2013


A. Social Anxiety Disorder is a problem we’ve all have faced, it’s the fear of being evaluated by others, with the expectation that such an assessment will be negative and embarrassing. B. Remember your high school days? The stomach butterflies and the prom night weren’t as easy as they seemed even with the popularity. C. In the old days social anxiety disorder wasn’t considered a real psychological disease where some people thought this was a ridiculous diagnosis. “You mean being shy is now a disorder?” until the APA classified the broadly defined “avoidant personality disorder” and “social phobia” as diseases in the 1980. Where the social anxiety was the third largest mental health disorder after alcoholism was first. Depression was second. D. We got used in Egypt to understate any psychological disease and blaming the environmental conditions for any failure but actually dealing with such disorders and negative feelings may be the key to any future progress.

A. Some people may consider social anxiety disorder as a ridiculous diagnosis and confuse it with simple shyness and anxiety. They say they never met anyone with these symptoms. B. It may be true that back in the earliest days, humans still had to reproduce, yet there was no language, no spoken word. Cavemen used vocal tone, body language and eye contact to communicate and were still able to seduce the opposite sex and make friends with the same sex, that means it’s hardwired into our own genes, our nature. Cavemen and tribesmen didn’t suffer from social anxiety as it may not real or it doesn’t exist, it is a disorder that may be invented by psychiatrists to make more money. C. These opinions are not true as psychological disorder is the same as physical problems it causes stress and mental instability and depression making a human being desperate and...
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