Social and Environmental Developments That Would Change the Way People Live.

Topics: Psychology, Oxygen, Ozone depletion Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Social and Environmental Developments That Would Change the Way People Live. It is no wonder that our world is going through drastic changes. These range from catastrophic environmental dilemmas to the social concerns in our own home backyard. For the last three centuries, human have been pouring lethal compounds into the atmosphere and after thousands of years of human inception, they have introduced us to the phenomena of global warming, depletion of the Ozone layer, acid rain and dozens of sinister diseases bought about by the densely polluted air we breath. Back on the land, we face yet even greater peril because of humans. Since the start of the industrial revolution, we now encounter a diabolical human behavior such as the child abuse, social crimes and terrorism bought about by the progressive human development. Therefore, we now need new social and environmental developments to change the way we live. A good beginning of this revolution could be bought about by changing our young generation, so they grow to be more canny and shrewd to take over the affairs of the world. We need to make children’s entertainment more meaningful and develop such animations and cartoons which promote the better wellbeing of society. We need to display what would emphasize greater compassion and magnanimity among the young, cartoons that would alter the way children view this world. We need to continue this psychological development until we have procured our goal. For teenagers we need not movies of villain and despots but more conducive would be to show entertainment that encourage rescuing the planet from the environmental hazards to redeem it to its original state. The adverse impact each one of us makes behaviour on the environment is magnified by the billions of people living all over the world. Considering the capacious amount of space each one of us has on our house’s rooftop and the damage agriculture cause to the environment by detrimental pesticides and...
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