Social And Emotional Development

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Social and emotional development
Children’s social and emotional development can be supported by giving children lots of praise for their achievements and when they listen and do as their carer has asked them to do. It can also be supported by giving children the guidance they need but at the same time making sure to respect their choices and also giving children chance to meet and spend time with other children and adults. In our setting we have key groups but the children and go and play with whoever they like. As a practitioner we have to make sure we are providing activities that involve sharing and taking turns and to be constant with the rules. We have to give the children the support and encouragement they need and the right amount of supervision while they are doing an activity. This provides opportunities to make decisions for them and get to learn the consequences of their decisions. We have to make sure we are listening to the children and what they have to say and their opinions, this will provide the children with opportunities where they can take responsibility. Birth to 1 year

Babies at this age should be able to respond to adults and people around them especially to their mothers face and voice. They should be smiling and concentrating on adults face during feeding. Babies that are under the age of 3 months will be very dependent on adults for reassurance and comfort. At the age of 1 child may become anxious or distressed when they have to separate from adults they know such as their parents. They may use a comfort object from home. At this age they should be cooperative and can be distracted from unwanted behaviour. They should be playing alongside other children. 2-3 years

At this age children should be separating from their main carer with support and encouragement from a familiar adult. They should be expressing their own preferences and interests and should be expressing their own feelings such as sad, happy, cross, scared and...
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