Social and Economic Significance of Tourism Development

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The social and economic significance of tourism development on a global scale

After studying and understanding how deeply tourism development has significantly impacted on the world, I have noticed how closely that the social and economic factors are related, and how both of these aspects have direct effect on both tourists, and the people that permanently reside at destinations that have been extremely popular amongst tourists. The understanding of how economic and social factors interrelate is rather simple; the bigger the country’s economy, the more infrastructure and investment that is required for human development, can be produced for both tourists and the permanent residents, therefore if the tourism industry is proven to provide a country’s economy substantially, the government will welcome tourism development with open arms. The real question that remains is whether this is equally beneficial for all people who are affected by tourism development (economic and social) or whether a country is purely ignoring tourism’s effects socially, to thrive economically. This I believe does not leave a country happy with tourism development. I shall now state in my report how prevalent these impacts are, and if they are either having positive or negative impacts on a country which is heavily effected by tourism development. In my report I would also like to thoroughly explain how the changes over time and temporal patterns have a large significance on tourism development, and outline that that due to the changes over time, social and economic impacts is now faced on a day to day basis by countries that are heavily impacted by tourism, via its rapid development. One of the most obvious economic significance is how quickly the tourism sector has grown globally, and the projected figures from UNWTO which sees the world’s economy to be more widely affected by tourism development globally. Today, we see 235 million jobs worldwide available in the tourism industry, 5%...
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