Social Action Proposal - Discrimination

Topics: Sociology, Discrimination, Racism Pages: 4 (938 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Social action proposal|
Topic: Discrimination|
By : NIRAL PATEL (300527670)|

Social Analysis Project Proposal
1. Identify a social problem that concerns you and one that you would like to research further in your social action project.

Today, there are so many social problems happening in our lives like discrimination, stereo typing due to terrorism, racism, issues of poverty, pollution, unemployment, spread of incurable diseases, bullying and many more. But we would like to discuss more about discrimination ongoing around which we can see often at workplaces and in a multicultural society.

2. What do you currently know about this topic?

Unequal treatment provided to one or more people on basis of their mutual accord due to some illogical reasons is called “discrimination”, if we approach further about this concern we would realize that, there are only few countries left from discrimination especially in work place. Discrimination can be categorized as racial, gender and employment discrimination. It creates the mind set of an individual and considers the other people worthless, this kind of attitude towards another can be raised due to their race, religion or their skin color .This social problem can be seen more towards the work places where the workers in a company are less or unfairly treated when compared to other group of workers in terms of wages paid, promotions and employment opportunities. It is an unacceptable behavior due to one’s personal prejudices and clashes.

3. Why does this problem concern you?

Being a human, I really would like to treat everyone equally as many of the Asian and middle east people suffer a lot in European countries, U.S.A and North America as it is said “A world is a now one family or a small village” as per this motto I definitely feel that everyone has the equal rights and everyone should live in dignity. As a student this...
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