Topics: Responsibility, Citizenship, Sociology Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: November 30, 2013
Nowadays a wise, honorable, cultivated citizen may be the most important asset to a society, country or company. The education that a person receives is fundamental for the formation of an individual, but they’re other factors that are highly involved and play an important role such as family values, religious affiliation, friendships or extracurricular activities. A wise, honorable and cultivated citizen is a person who is responsible with his country; family, society and it can be anyone from an honorable politician to a soldier defending his nation. These citizens can be identified by how they behave and participate in their society. But I consider an honorable individual that one whom plays his role and responsibilities as a citizen and goes beyond. Is that individual who proves himself and to others his true care and love to his country by fulfilling his obligations to his family, friends, society and by helping others in need without expecting anything in return. Is that person with strong principles and values, willing to help in his community and most importantly respecting others. To create these kinds of citizens, values have to be inculcated to kids as they grow up and these may be learned at school, sport teams, family or church. Parents have the responsibility to teach their kids the importance of doing the right thing; by behaving themselves in the right manner and by knowing how to treat others with respect. By teaching kids these important lessons they are going to create a strong personality that will lead them to achieve important things in life and most importantly they’re going to contribute to their societies in a near future. Other important character I consider that plays an important role in the molding of children for them to be honorable citizens is the government, they're the ones responsible of providing kids with a proper education and they have to encourage citizens to involve themselves in actions that may benefit their country....
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