Sochi 2014

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Sochi 2014 – Olympic Games
The “Olympic Games” is the leading international sporting event, including both Summer and Winter sports. Thousands of athletes from more than 200 nations compete against each other, establishing new world records. Russia is going to host the next Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Russians are proud to host The Olympics Games again and are investing time and effort to make it unforgettable. This essay will introduce the reader to the city of Sochi, the process of preparing for the event and expectations. Sochi is a Russian resort between the Black Sea and the Caucasian mountains, and it has been chosen to host the “Olympic Games” in 2014. The Games are supposed to be Innovative, celebrating, sustainable and inspiring. It is the chance for Russia to change its image. Marketing is very impressive and efficient, the image that Sochi gives is a really beautiful and strong one. The weather in Sochi is not adapted. According to the Official website of the Olympic Movement, “Sochi was elected on July 4, 2007 by the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the 119th Session in Guatemala City. Seven cities, namely Sochi (Russian Federation), Salzburg (Austria), Jaca (Spain), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Pyeong Chang (Republic of Korea), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Borjomi (Georgia) - in the order of drawing of lots - initially submitted applications to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.” The 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be the first time that the Russian Federation will have hosted the Winter Games. The Soviet Union hosted the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow. According to 2010 All-Russia Population Census, the host city Sochi has a population of 400,000 people and is situated in Krasnodar, which is the third largest region in Russia. According to the web-site, “The Games will be organized in two clusters: a coastal cluster for ice events in Sochi, and a mountain cluster located in the Krasnaya Polyana...

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