Soccer vs Football

Topics: American football, Football, Association football Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 8, 2012
David Medina
Mr. Rivera
English 101
March 4, 2012
Soccer vs. Football
In the United States one of the most popular professional sports is football, yet there is another sport which is gaining popularity in this country known as soccer. Although there are some similarities to the two sports, like both having eleven players on the field at a time, there are some very distinctive differences between football and soccer.   In the game of football, there is several ways to score points for your team. The team can score a field goal which is worth three points, get a touchdown and extra point for seven points or score two points for tackling the other team on their own end zone called a safety, which is worth two points. In comparison, the game of soccer has only one way to score which is called a goal and it gives the scoring team one point. Both soccer and football are played on fields but the size of each field is different in each sport. The field in soccer ranges from one hundred to three hundred yards long and fifty to one hundred yards wide, with a goal on either end of the field that is always eight yards wide. In contrast, the football field is one hundred and twenty yards long and thirty yards wide with end zones on both ends of the field called the end zones. Like most sports, both soccer and football are timed events. Football is played in four quarters that are twelve minutes in length and the time is stopped for certain events, like an incomplete pass. In each possession a team has four downs to gain ten yards as they move down the field in the attempt to score a touchdown. If by the third down they do not get the ten yards need, they will punt the ball to the other team and that team gets possession. In contrast soccer is played in two forty-five minute halves and the time never stops for any reason. If there are delays in the game, like a player is injured, the time is saved for the end of the game and play continues for the amount of time lost....
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