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A Comparison between Soccer and American Football
Soccer and American football are played in several parts of the world. Soccer, which has attracted many fans more than the American football. However, both games are popular, but there are many differences and similarities between the two games, even though very few people understand this. Soccer is similar to American football is some ways, but not in others. On this paper, we will identify some of these differences and similarities between the two.

Soccer is was mainly played in Europe, but have spread all over the world to be one of the most famous games that attracts a large number of people. On the other hand, American football was played mainly in American and has not spread like soccer. However, it is played in other parts in the name of rugby whereby slight differences have been introduced. Soccer employs strict no hand rule in the field and only uses this during the throwing of the ball after it gets out of the field or by the goalkeeper. Strict measures are taken if one of the players touches the ball with his or her hands when the game is being played. In American football, players use hands and feet when playing.

The other difference is the aim of the game. While football use touchdowns to score where the defense has to use every mean to stop the competing team from scoring. In this regard, a soccer team is considered as a whole. The defense depends on the team that has the ball at a time since some of the midfielders have to be involved in defense when the competing team is having the ball. In such a scenario, midfielders of the team that is controlling the ball will be acting as an offensive. In a soccer game, players strives to score a goal while in American football, it does not use goal as a way of scoring. The physical activities involved differ in the two games. American football players are involved in activities such as tackling and...
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