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NOCO United Soccer Academy
1) In my opinion I don’t think that this is a good idea to focus on this group of the over 14 year old kids because he already has a large market with the kids around 11 to 14yo. This is better to focus on the under 10 year old kids (6-10yo) because he will have them at least for 4 years more. They are more potential customers and they are still few in its program from now, which is interesting and primordial to develop. There is a lot to do about this target. 2) One of the things that Dieken’s could develop to encourage his current customers to buy more is to create a shop for example. The majority of the “real” buyers of his program are the mothers and fathers of those kids. So, he could create a shop where he will sell sport’s products, such as shoes, t-shirt, soccer balls, fake goals to play at home etc. Then, he could think about new programs (additional or extra program) that could interest the kids and the families, such as a physical training program to combine with the soccer-training program. 3) To attract a new target and new customers such as the families of young children (6 to 9yo), that are not really present in his classes, Dieken’s could think about creating soccer skills training program through games, with more than 1 ball and to team to make it more creative and avoid kid to get bored. More like an initiation to football game (An adaptive program especially for this group of customer.)
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