Soccer Symbol

Topics: Islam, Effect, Affect Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: December 10, 2010
Anas Salem
Professor Michele Jelley
English Comp 101

Hidden Effects of Soccer

Eduardo Galeano reflects upon one of, if not the most popular sport in “Soccer Is Everything.” He calls soccer “a powerful symbol, a great mystery.” The message that Galeano is trying to convey is that soccer is not just a sport anymore, it is much more than that. The reason is that soccer has affected individuals, groups, countries, cultures, and religion by unification because of its popularity and the diversity of its fans.

First, Galeano says that soccer can affect individuals and groups. He explains how many who felt they have no place in the world found shelter through playing soccer, this happening at a time where suicide among the youth was at its highest rate in the world.

Second, today it is obvious to see and notice how soccer affects countries. It does not matter how powerful or weak a country may be, Galeano says that when it comes to soccer, the rarest of events does happen, for example an Arab team to become the Israeli champion, or a country in war, Iraq, to make it to the semi finals.

Thirdly, soccer has affected culture and religion. Galeano says soccer re-established bonds of solidarity broken by the culture of alienation dominant in today’s world. Also, while some saw women’s team as a source of pride for their country, it had an effect on people practicing the religion Islam, because Muslim men were against the idea of women playing soccer. Many did not allow or want it because the outfits the women wore revealed parts of the body that as a Muslim woman should be covered. And some Muslim men just accepted it to save their families from poverty.

In conclusion, the message that Galeano is trying to convey when he calls soccer “a powerful, a great mystery,” is that soccer, which was just a sport, now has and continues to unify, shelter, surprise, and affect a majority of the population. Who would of thought a physical sport, can affect your...
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