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From many decades ago soccer has always been a sport where anyone is welcome to play and watch from little kids to teenagers and to elders who have had love for the game since they've been toddlers. So we will go into depth of soccer to see how it started, how its played along with the regulations/rules of the game and talk about the players that have changed the game forever and have made it so popular.... First off the sport name wasn't always called soccer till it came to the United states, it was called football. It originated from many other sports such as Tsu-chu translated "kick Ball" a game that was played by the Chinese in 206-255BC and it started to be called soccer in the 16th century of Europe and England but very different to the game up to today. Football was slowing becoming a well know sport it started creating leagues, The first president of FIFA was Robert Guérin. The first tournament FIFA staged, was on the football competition for the 1908 Olympics in London despite the presence of professional footballers. So After the big deal of Football been played around the world and having leagues a set of rules and regulations were made.... these rules weren't made by FIFA, these rules were made by a college named Eton College that made the sport famous in colleges and in many schools and colleges these rules were called "Cambridge rules" There are some rules that might just save your life such as wearing the gear that is mandatory, but try not to wear jewelry when you play Cleats

Shin Guards
Uniform Now that you know what your suppose to wear, were going into the rules of the game. Now before each game is started there a ceremony for both national anthems of the country or the league after there is initially a coin toss to see who gets the ball. After that the ball is then set in the middle and the ball must go forward or pass it in front of the teammate who is aside of you. In order to have a clean and fair game you must follow all the...
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