Soccer: My Passion

Topics: Association football, Direct free kick, Learning Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Personal Statement

The cliche “practice makes perfect” is true. It applies the same in my academic life as well as in my athletic life. To be specific, the sport I play is soccer. I discovered my passion since I was six. Soccer is my escape and my motivation at the same time. It's my escape when I’m having problems at school, like being stressed out for projects, or at home, having family problems. For example i’ll be having an argument with my mom and I get frustrated so I just grab a ball and go outside to relax. As soon as my feet make contact with the ball, it’s like I’m in another world. I’m a very motivated student and player. Eligibility plays a big role in school. In order for me to play in games, I have to be doing well academically. School is and should be my first priority. I really love playing, so it’s motivation to do well in school and not procrastinate. Soccer and school work are so much alike, in my perspective. Only because there are a lot of obstacles that need to be faced to reach success. For example in order to get to the opponent’s goal, I have to go through many defenders. It’s like trying to finish a paper or a project and get through all the distractions that come my way. “Keep going”, “Don’t give up”, “Don’t let anyone stop you or get in the way of what you want” is what I tell myself during a game and when I’m in school. Teamwork and collaboration are big parts of athletics and academics. Success on the soccer field requires reliance on teammates. To kick a good corner kick, free kick or a penalty you have to have skilled teammates you trust ready to receive the ball! It’s like studying for a test. In order to pass or ace the test, you need practice. The support of my coach from the bench is equivalent to the support that the teachers give me in school. Soccer is a massive part of my life, it has made me into the person, daughter, teammate and scholar that I am right now. My ability to play soccer has developed skills that...
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