Soccer: More Than Just a Sport

Topics: Pages: 7 (1521 words) / Published: Mar 23rd, 2000
You may not know it, but mathematics is all around you in the world today- from the breakfast you eat in the morning, to the hobbies you enjoy, to the complex world of computers and games. In this paper, it's going to be my goal to show you how math is related to the sport of soccer. Soccer, in essence, is a fairly simplistic sport. The basic rules are simple, but some of the more particular ones can become slightly confusing. The MLS (Major League Soccer) recognizes seventeen basic rules which players and coaches must abide by. However, all of these are not entirely important to understand the game. First of all, you need a regulation size ball and two netted goals, eighteen feet by eight feet. Each team consists of eleven players, one of whom must be the goalkeeper. In addition, both teams are allowed to have a select number of subs. The number of subs varies depending on the level at which you are playing. No players are allowed to touch the ball with their hands, besides the goalie, who is only given this privilege if he is inside the eighteen yard box around the goal. Player uniforms must embody a shirt, socks, shorts, shin guards, and shoes. In addition the goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish him from other players, the referee, and the referee assistants. The game is run by a main referee and two assistants. The main referee is responsible for control of the game and his/her decisions regarding facts connected with play are final. The referee's assistants aid the referee by indicating offside, when the ball is out of play, and which team gets a corner kick, a goal kick, or a throw in. Furthermore, they denote when a substitution needs to be made. Game length for professional games is ninety minutes with two forty-five minute halves. Time is continuously running. Points (called goals) are awarded to the team that passes the ball completely over the goal line and into the other team's goal. Another important

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