Soccer Description Essay

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Soccer: Description
An arctic breeze strolled right pass me, to announce the kickoff in the office. An empty silence cruised through out the whole locker room as if there was an ongoing funeral in the vicinity. Determination was about to be tested to the best of everyone’s ability, whether one teammate had it or the whole squad did. The queasy look on everyone’s face said it all, that glistening look meant it was “game time” but yet the butterflies that fluttered inside mocked the concentration for the game. The taste of disbelief lurked around from the previous year, an unpleasant feeling; a sour aroma was left in that same locker room from the disillusion defeat that we came across.

The sweat on my hands held no comparison to the expectations I was ready to fulfill. As I sat amongst my family, side by side, we listened to the words of our mentor with adrenalin running through our systems and anxiety on the brink of exposure. “Devastating as it is to the ears boys, do you remember that embarrassing defeat, that faulty loss? We can over come that right here, right now. Prove to every single person out there what we came here to do, how hard we’ve worked to come back to this exact spot. That we aren’t going to just throw it all away… again… for a second time.” As soon as those words were blurted out, every fellow colleague of mine stood besides me with a feeling of resentment going through them. I was ready to leave everything I had on the field, all the hard work I’ve done to get here again, the determination I have inside me, to do whatever was needed to pull a victory out of our hats today. That sour aroma that lurked around no longer existed; replaced by a certitude endorsement vibe given off by each lad.

Absolute silence was all that was heard, blocking all the horrendous sounds alluded from my surroundings. Making a few yards seem like an eternity in the ravenous death hole, with the atrocious task at hand seeping through the mouth of the volcanic...
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