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When I went to Italy to see my family the first thing that came to mind was food,art,culture and love. Most people belive the sterotype that Italians are extremelly loud. My family falls in line with this particular sterotype! My family is not only known for being loud they are also very wild,adventurous and shockingly sponteneous. All factors which have animated my life and allowed it to be vastly more intresting. Traditionally, in Italy, families are tought to be close,but what fluctuates amongst familes,is the amount of care is infinte and has impacted my life immersly.

The role of religion in Italy was and still is Catholic. Christmas is a big Holiday for all Italians because of Catholicism. Starting in the middle of December the preperation of Christmas starts, the first Holiday "Immacolata Concezione" she is a saint they celibrate during Christmas. Everybody goes to Church that day and late evening in a little town south of Italy. Salerno a Town that cooks up a huge bon-fire meaning "Falo" all the people of the Town get together socializeing about how beautiful life is. South of Italy is where i'm from and a tradition on Christmas eve every body gets together to feast on All Fish! Oh how I do miss those days.

Unfortunetelly In the United States most Americans have a lifestyle of eating processed food,which is not fresh at all, where I come from Salerno which eating fresh is a must, all of my...
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