Socal Work Practice and Globalisation

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Changing Role of Social Work in the Context of Globalization

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Changing Role of Social Work in the context of Globalization.


Globalization is a woolly term. It effects the system of the society. The trend is characterized by a diminishing role and/ or replacement of the public sector by the corporate sector, resulting in gross inequities, injustices, and marginalization of various vulnerable groups. Also, the profession i.e. Social Work which works with the voiceless and downtrodden groups can’t escape from the process of globalization. The issue raised by the globalization, poses the challenges upon the role of social work. In this paper, it is discussed that the profession of social work needs to be changed, redefine to make impact on the problems created by the globalization in developing countries. Specifically, I use examples of social issues influenced by globalization in India to illustrate the need for revising social work.

You may not be interested in globalization but globalization is interested in you. It has become the focal point of attention in the social sciences since the late 1980s and appeared as paradigmatic concept in analyzing the economic, social, political, environmental, ecological, and cultural metamorphoses occurring across the modern world (Dasgupta.S 2004). We are living in a period of globalization that is currently affecting many countries of the world. It is not world wide networks of macro organization engaged in commerce and trade but is also a local and household phenomenon that affects decisions related to family, education, employment, health practices, displacement, and other civic and political roles. In other means, privatization of the public sector economy has been the main vehicle through which globalization has entered key services elements within the democratic states like India, UK, USA, China, Brazil etc. It effects on the recipient of welfare services, particularly women and children, older people, dalits, tribals and those are economically marginalized. The dynamics of globalization have intensified the sense of exclusion and poverty that these groups experience. Social work can’t escape from it and experienced considerable changes in their organizational structural and method of working. As we know that the social work includes a diverse, complex, multidimensional model of professional practice. But, the globalization poses immense challenges for social workers who are expected not only to respond to the deleterious effects of globalization on local communities but to make a critical analysis of the dialectics of local and global factors. Also, the impact of globalization on social work has promoted the restructuring of social work profession, a redefinition of social work task; change the relationship between social workers and stakeholders. In this paper, I would like to focus on the concept of globalization and its impact on the society and social work profession. I will also tried to incorporate the possibilities of changing role of social work in this global context.

What is Globalization?
The development set the stage for the globalization of the world economy in the mid- 1980s. Faced with saturated home markets, the developed countries now desperately began looking for investment opportunities in the new markets. Coincidentally, this was also the time when the economic models of the third world countries had become crisis- ridden, and these countries had becomes deeply indebted to their Western creditors. It was now easy for the developed...

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