Socail Networking

Topics: Sociology, Facebook, Social media Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Social Media Changing Community
The growing evolution of social media and technology has not only connected us in a more convenient and effortless way but has also been a void to fill lonely human beings, as social media sites or increasing internet usage doesn’t cause loneliness but it is a result of loneliness. In this day and age of rise in social media, it has been found that more and more people suffer from alienation and loneliness. People are so immersed in what is going on within the cyber world that people disregard the person that is sitting right beside them. With the help of social networks people are able to create more shallow connections rather than creating meaningful relationships. People of this generation are so absorbed by social networking that most people forget what common courtesy is or how to interact with people on a daily basis. Technology advancements have created a new way to interact with one another and have produced a new culture that seems to prefer interacting with one another through a screen much rather than physically. This is an issue due to the fact that it may indeed be bad for your health. The loneliness level that people are kept at from being so indulged in social media may be connected to health issues. It may even go as far as to being linked and being seen as a factor in depression related deaths. Technology advancements and the internet have formed a network that has made us more accessible than ever, but somehow these accessibilities are used in the wrong way due to the human nature of being self- determined, pride and want for respect. Social networks encourage making more connections and creating bigger circles by socializing through these media with people outside of our households. These types of relationships encouraged by social media’s put the relationships with our families at risk. Thus with the creation of more connections online, we lose the one thing that people want most in life, unconditional love and...

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