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Alexa Swackhammer
English 101 039
The Day We Got A 1

Band season was up and away. It’s said rookie year is always the hardest, learning all the moves for the first time, the music is more difficult, and trying to just fit in. For my rookie year the music was from the hit movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Three phases or parts that were a mix of songs from the movie. All our hard work through the season put into just an eight minute show that needed to go perfect. There were many practices, football games and other competitions. It was a good amount of time spent throughout the fall. The competitions before went well, we usually placed high and got best percussions, but we had still never reached the highly mark of getting a 1.

Band is an all-day activity for a Saturday, I had to wake up six in the morning and I didn’t get home till at least ten at night. I arrived at the school got my drum and my uniform and headed towards the buses. We were preparing for the Buckeye Invitational at The Ohio State University. We arrived at the Stadium at around ten and the long process of getting ready started. 60 kids all packed into a small area takes a good amount of time, since we all had to get our face painted and put on our uniforms. We had several different tents and two buses to get ready for the competitions. We didn’t have a color guard so the painted face and the uniform or custom was used to help get more points. The face paint was based on Jack Skellinton’s white skull face and the black hallowed eyes, we wore white caps to cover our hair with black pants and matching “dress” shirts that had a skeleton chest and a bat bow. When we were all together it looked pretty nice. We only had a short amount of time before we had to get our instruments and warm up. While wearing a drum on your chest and layers or clothes to make the uniform it usually would have gotten pretty hot but on that Saturday we got lucky, the wind was lightly blowing and there were clouds overhead to block out some of the sun. The drum that I had to carry around from the buses to the warm up area to everywhere was about 20 pounds all together so the extra clothes underneath that cause what heat I was receiving was needed for support.

The practice time at the Buckeye Invitational before we took the field was split differently than any other competition we had been to that season. We received time to practice the music and we also got time to march the drill in a smaller area which I believe was the practice football field. We started with the music practice, the winds played half and sang half thus not straining their mouths, the drum line on the other hand didn’t have this problem so we played all out. We did our usually warm ups, eight on a hand, paradiddles, and a cadence which was probably our most famous called Rock. Then we started practicing the show. As we were going through the music we knew we were doing well, our band director Mr. Keller just kept this silly grin on his face he whole time. The band was starting together, and we were ending together not more could be asked of us with the nerves and for a practice. Mr. Keller told us a few pointers to fix for the actual performance and then it was time to start the drill portion of our practice. Since we were practicing the drill on a smaller field doing all the moves was a bit difficult but useful to get the drill put back into our head. The drum line never stops playing even when we do drill so while the winds sing we play and keep the pulse though out the drill. Since we have no color guard the Mr. Keller decided why not let the drum line do a flag routine while they had no music to play. Us the drum line were never too excited about that fact but of course we bit our tongues and did what was best for the band. The drum line knows how to keep the temp and pulse so we weren’t worried about keeping the flag routine together. The drum line also has a solo. Once we end we get...
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