Soar High Dragons!

Topics: Rizal, Antipolo City, Marikina City Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Soar High Dragons!
By: CherryMay Mesa

Dragons with flying colors: A simple description that can describe the INTRAMS 2012 of the ICCT Colleges. From the participants, guest, faculty members and also the audience it’s colorful. 5:00AM is the assembly time for the participants to enter the Marikina Sports Complex. All campuses have their own banners, costumes, props and other accessories that can be recognized that they are belong to that campus. Marikina Sports Complex, the venue … Wherein, in the outside world even the inside world it’s simple, no decorations, no banners, etc. Yet, it’s elegant. It only has a small stage, with simple decorations which has a banner of INTRAMS 2012, “Blue Dragons”. Since its blue dragons, from the uniform of the faculty members, the balloons with a pink balloons also, students & participants of Cainta (MAIN) Campus. It has banners of their respective campus, and from their sponsors of food and beverages. Great performers, presentation for all the participants of cheering squad. Their costumes were so realistic and idealistic. It’s Fashionable. Even their makeup and hairstyle, it’s brilliant. That’s College Life. Intrams 2012 is just a part of student’s life. Therefore, August 21, 2012, INTRAMS 2012 was a terribly tired and memorable day for all the students also to the faculty members. What a great experience! Adja!

Exploring Things Beyond
By: Jenelyn Gaviola
Early in the morning, August 21, 2012 at the Marikina Sports Park crowd’s with almost 5,000 students, guest, and outsiders from different ICCT Colleges Campuses, came from bringing home the bacon together with their muses at the Marikina City is finally over. As one of the largest park in Rizal Province, it is not easy to find things that will catch up our attention, impress you and makes you feel comfortable. From its area and the stage is very simple, it has a poster made of a handy style with their uniqueness mind who design it. Wandering inside and...
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