So You Think You Can Dance Concert Tour 2010

Topics: Dance, Performance, History of dance, Dance music / Pages: 5 (1073 words) / Published: Oct 26th, 2010
So you think you can dance is a television show that airs every year with a new cast. The point of the show is to look for “America’s favorite dancer”. Many men and women from across the country audition to be on the show and only one of them can be “America’s favorite dancer”. For the last few years, at the end of each season, they travel on tour with some of the dancers from previous seasons the “all stars” and that seasons final dancers. They perform many of the dance routines from the show, and created new dances specifically for the tour. There were over thirty-five dances in this show and every single one was amazing. From hip-hop, to jazz and lyrical all the dances were mesmerizing. Being lucky enough to have third row seats, I could see how hard the dancers worked; from the sweat dripping off their foreheads to the bruises on their legs. It truly was an amazing night and such a great experience. Three pieces caught my eye, a hip-hop number performed by three men, an unforgettable contemporary dance, and lastly an emotional lyrical hip-hop piece. Even though all of the dances were fascinating, one of them stood out to me. This dance consisted of three men; all of them break dancers and krumpers, they formed a hip-hop number that made everyone stand up for applaud at the end. They all had different styles and show cased one another’s talents. The different moves they did defied gravity. From standing on their head and sliding, to jumping over one another. This dance was mainly displaying what each dancer could do. The different tricks they could do really impressed me, having know idea how they can do some of the stuff they do without breaking their necks. They all used the stage and definitely moved around frequently. It was an entertaining piece that made the audience pumped. They popped and locked everything on the base of the music, which made their movements look bigger. They worked together to pull off some surprising tricks like throwing one six

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