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So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore: Trust Issues

By Socorro-Baragan Dec 02, 2013 469 Words
“Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in the reflection.” - Lady Gaga
The book So long, insecurity: you’ve been a bad friend to us by Beth Moore has trust issues. In the book, it says about not trusting god with appearances. It talks about how people are made for a reason and were not made to please every human. Trust issues also come up in Cupid & Psyche by Arugula and in The Odyssey by Homer.

Cupid & Psyche has trust issues when Psyche doubts the love from Cupid and when she feels she has to see her husband in the flesh. For example, Psyche doesn’t trust the love from Cupid because men all over the world loved her for her looks but always ended up marrying someone else. When Cupid’s mother sends Cupid shoot an arrow at Psyche so she will fall in love with someone vile he instead shoots himself with an arrow. Psyche falls in love with Cupid, not knowing it is him, the same night they meet. In addition, Psyche has trust issues when she feels she must see Cupid in the flesh. She does not start feeling that way till her jealous sisters convince her to look at his appearance. One night, she lights a candle while Cupid lies asleep. In the end they resolve their trust issues with obstacles that Psyche does.

Trust issues also happen in The Odyssey has trust issues when Odysseus has to trust Penelope to not be with anyone else and when Penelope tests Odysseus to prove he is Penelope’s husband. For example, Odysseus not only trusts Penelope not to marry anyone else but to also take care of their kingdom. She tries her best to be trustworthy but everyone in their kingdom is not. She stays strong for 20 years but she told him after 20 years if he did not come back that she will remarry to someone else. In addition, Penelope tests Odysseus after he wins the contest. Penelope does not trust that it is him so she tells him that she going to move his bed until she knows it is him. She finds out it is him when he responds that it cannot be moved and Penelope knows that only Odysseus knows that. They end up trusting each other in the end. Trust issues come in Odyssey and Cupid & Psyche . The book says that people need to trust God about choosing our appearance. Trust issues also come up when it says that god made everyone for a reason but it was not to please every human ever made. The book So long , insecurity: you’ve been a bad friend to us by Beth Moore has trusting issues with God and humans.

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