Snuggie and the Market Unit 1

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Snuggie and the Market
Vickie Collingwood
American InterContinental University

Snuggie, the backwards bath robe or blanket with arms that keeps you warm, is convenient, sold everywhere and was advertised heavily on television. It was advertised so much that the company spent $10 million on infomercials alone (Business Insider, 2011). The Snuggie is innovated because it is different. Similar items such as the Slanket and Freedom Blanket were introduced before but failed. So why did the Snuggie make it big? One the name is catchy and sounds cozy, especially compared to Slanket (Business Insider, 2011). Two, CEO Scott Boilen has said the success of Snuggie was also due to consumers wanting to spend more time at home and to be warm and comfortable. Let’s face it would you rather walk around wrapped up in a blanket or to have a little more freedom in a Snuggie. One could take a Snuggie camping, wear it around the bon fire or to a sporting event.

This product is different; it is a portable blanket in a sense that can be taken anywhere at any time and the person wearing it can be warm and not have to worry about carrying a bulky blanket around with them. The Snuggie made an impact by being seen nationwide on televisions in the United States and priced at roughly $20 for one (Allstar Products, n.d.). Compare that to other products like the Slanket which is a similar product sells for around $30 and can only be found at or purchased from QVC, the home shopping network, is second compared to Snuggie. Slanket sales are estimated at 1 million units compare to Snuggie with their 20 million units (Nobel, 2010), the difference in sales is the approach of each product. The makers of the Slanket decided to appeal to the home shopper market and then retail, which was a far different approach than what AllStar marketed Snuggie. AllStar set out for TV commercials and sell the product cheaper than the Slanket and the rest is history (Nobel, 2010).

Snuggie would...
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