Snowy Mountains

Topics: Snowy Mountains Scheme, Snowy River, Snowy Mountains Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: October 10, 2010
The snowy mountains hydroelectric scheme

The snowy mountains hydroelectric scheme is located in the snowy mountains of Australia. It is the largest engineering project in Australia. It also is one of the largest and most complex hydro schemes in the world. This construction is defining in all of Australia’s eyes in history, it shows Australia’s identity as an independent, multicultural and resourceful country. The scheme took over 25 years to build and was completed in 1974, over 1000000 people from 30 different countries come to work on the hydroelectric scheme so it could divert water to farm to feed the nation and to build power stations for electricity. The whole project costed approximately $820 million 16 major dams, 7 power stations, a pumping station, 225km of tunnels and aqueducts were put in place. The most significant part of the whole construction was a process called rock bolting for supporting rock in the tunnel walls. By placing rock bolts in these would pin the rock against the wall, this process went right through the tunnels or power station. They also launched to find the most economical system for power transmission; they installed 330 KV transmission lines. -The project was so much bigger and more complex than anything they had done before the engineers developed new methods that were new to Australia and the world for example rock bolting. -The power stations adopted higher outputs of electricity transmissions ever before. - Australia’s first transistorised computer was used called “snowcom” which played a major role in the process of the project.

Snowy mountain scheme Is now investigating in new renewable energy developments some of these recent developments these include -micro hydro generators
-mini hydro power stations
-small hydro project
Snowy hydros have brought together a modernisation program which shows more value of the snowy mountains scheme. The program together brings engineering solutions which will support in the...
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